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About the project

Red Dot Creative are used by Jigsaw as an alternative to employing a team of expensive full time in-house personnel and also as a supplement to the expensive development costs their platform provider charge.

The technical skills needed to cover the day-to-day maintenance and development of an online retail site can be vast. There might be a whole team employed were individuals are highly skilled in one area, such as CSS and another skilled in PHP or Java. You also need someone with technical know how to manage this team.

As an alternative, Jigsaw use Red Dot Creative and their highly skilled technical team, to provide the expertise needed to maintain the site day-to-day. Working remotely or onsite if needed, Red Dot Creative can provide the skills needed, advantageously when Jigsaw need them.

The flexibility means Jigsaw do not need to commit to employing staff full time.


Quote from customer

Jigsaw uses Red Dot Creative as a vital, reliable support to our in house design and development teams – especially when the workload is high and deadlines are looming. As a team of highly skilled developers and designers red dot work really well as a seamless extension to my team. They’re always there for a guidance, support, a second opinion or some friendly advice.

The flexibly is also a key element. As there isn’t a full time commitment, we can rely on Red Dot to support us at the times we need them.
Kate Holt
Group E-Commerce Director
jigsaw day to day development
jigsaw day to day development
jigsaw day to day development